Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's next to Carl Bloch?

I recently attended the Carl Bloch exhibit at that BYU Museum of Art and although his art work was quite impressive I found my self eying the exhibit next door. An exhibit entitled "Matter of Words". I cannot recall the name of the artist (Adam Bateman?) however, his art work left a deep impression within me about the manner in which books and the written word are treated in our society today. Some may that technology is ruining children's ability to read by presenting them with other more enjoyable pass times. Nevertheless, with the past 10 years we have seen a surge of a voiceless people gain the ability to state their opinions for the world (or their 500 friends on Facebook or other social networks) to read. Reality the internet and other technologies are redefing the constucts of the written word. Today we are seeing for the first time in history that the common people, like myself, finally can have the opportunity to speak to the masses. With this in mind it is more curcial then ever to gain as much knowledge as possible. After all once it is written online it stays online. Back to the exhibit, the entire collection consisted of books. Books in a washing machine. Books stacked up to create a huge block. Books torn to pieces to create a canvas. Etcetera etcetera. I know I do not do the art work justice but I hope that you will enjoy the photographs. I also hope that you will attend the exhibit if you can, unlike the Carl Bloch no tickets needed to enter nor long lines.

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